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Cameron Smith calls for major crackdown over players milking penalties


SEN’s Cameron Smith has called on the NRL to clamp down on players intentionally lying on the ground in order to milk penalties from the officials.

There were a number of incidents in Round 15 of the NRL involving players deliberately exaggerating contact and also staying on the ground to allow the bunker to intervene and potentially award a penalty.

Smith believes the easiest way to prevent players from faking injury to gain a penalty is to force them from the field and give them a mandatory head injury assessment.

"It's slowly crept into our game,” Smith told SEN 1170 Breakfast.

“If you fine someone, then I think that is a little bit harsh.

“I don’t mind penalising the player for trying to milk it.

“If the Bunker gets involved and deems that there has been no head contact but the player is holding their head, why not give the defensive team a penalty?

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“It’s not great and it’s such a poor look for our game.

“Players are looking for any advantage they can get so if they feel there is contact, they will absolutely stay down.

“Over the last couple of years, players know the bunker will take a quick look.

“Bring in the HIA rule where if you stay on the ground and don’t rise to your feet, you have to leave the field.”

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