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“They will be rubbing their hands together”: Parker reveals confusion around shock Cobbo omission


Queensland Maroons coach Billy Slater has caused a stir with his squad announcement for Game II of the 2024 State of Origin series, with Brisbane Broncos star Selwyn Cobbo stunningly dropped.

Cobbo starred for the Maroons in Game I, replacing the injured Reece Walsh and proving to be a genuine x-factor in the backline for the majority of the contest.

Since then Cobbo has been on an impressive run of form for the Broncos and was seemingly a lock to retain his bench spot for Game II.

However, Slater admitted that an ongoing injury concern for Cobbo was the main reason he wasn’t selected, which left many fans surprised.

“It’s going to be a huge story,” Parker told SENQ Breakfast.

“It’s going to be a story that south of the border they will be rubbing their hands together, rubbing their hands together and just trying to concoct whatever they want to concoct.

“(They will) just tee off on us to be fair, that’s what they’ll do because in NSW everything has happened rosey for them, the three M’s back in the team for them, Mitchell, Murray and also Moses, then you’ve got Dylan Edwards who comes into fullback.”

Cobbo played for 73 minutes in Game I and finished with 167 run metres to go along with one line break and two line break assists.

“There was a lot of talk when Selwyn Cobbo was picked at jersey number 17, which ended up being a masterstroke from Billy Slater,” Parker said.

“It’s definitely not form because he was outstanding in Game I and since then for the Broncos he’s been very good.

“Billy is really methodical in regards to his messaging in his press conferences, which is well within his right to do, keeps it very much between the lines but it’s going to be hard to sidestep this one.”

The Maroons will look to close out the series for a third straight year when State of Origin heads to Melbourne for Game II on the 26th of June.

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